Can you transfer points from Amex to partner's Krisflyer account?

Are you able to transfer Amex rewards points to Krisflyer points in different name. So from my account to spouse’s Krisflyer account. Thanks

Hi Rowliebrowne… My recent transfer experiences MAY help, if not a direct answer (& special family arrangements MAY exist.)

That’s from Westpac to Qantas (unfair, costly nightmare!), ANZ Rewards & Velocity & Amex, all to Krisflyer.  Having names EXACT each end seems real crunch point, including initials and middle names AND was also fronted as an ‘excuse’/rationale for its going wrong and NOT happening.   Hint:  triple check everything, each contact occasion: don’t TRUST their systems/people to be able to transcribe your number correctly either, necessarily, eg from an email to the transfer points department.  Westpac cleverly took a zero from the end to the front of the number: more delays.

Best of luck.

I would suggest a get around - have your partner applied (if not so) for an AMEX card (as a primary cardholder) which offers the same level of the Members reward Program as yours. you can then gift a maximum of 50k (every 12 months) to your partner,s account. This offers the maximum flexibility in the best use of your points. However, the transfer request has to be done on a paper form and seems AMEX internal system is rather weak in tracking and executing such requests. A long wait and repeated follow up was required in my latest experience ( 2 or 3 months back). However, it works and is absolutely legitimate in terms of the program T&Cs.