Can you transfer AMEX rewards points into partner frequent flyer account?

Found an AMEX FAQ that seems to suggest if my wife has an AMEX rewards balance and I am an additional card holder that she could transfer her points into a FF account in my name? Keen to hear if others have done this or they read it the same way I do.

" The partner account that you transfer points into must be held by you or an Additional Card Member linked to your Membership Rewards account. An Additional Card must be issued to the Additional Card Member at least 90 days prior to linking your Membership Rewards account to that Additional Card Member’s partner program account. Remember, once you transfer points to a partner program, they are subject to the terms and conditions of the partner’s program. For more information about transferring Membership Rewards points, please see the program Terms and Conditions."

Link is here

If it was me, I would transfer the minimum amount first as a test run.

@hungry4points The link is for the AmEx US…don’t think it’s relevant for Aus…there used to be a feature to transfer MR points between members (both primary cardholders) but think it’s not available anymore…

I found an FAQ for Aus and you are right @ck009, it’s a no go for Aus cards. A shame as separate Amex/FF balances is not ideal given we would be looking for a family redemption so need the points pooled together. Could potentially go back into VFF and pool there but with the AMEX/VFF transfer rate not sure that’s worthwhile.

  1. Can I transfer points into someone else’s Airline Rewards or Frequent Guest account?

No, Membership Rewards points can only be transferred by you into an account in your name. For more details, see Terms and Conditions.

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