Can you transfer Amex Membership Rewards to a frequent flyer account under a different name?

Was just wondering, when you transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to airline programs, they ask for your corresponding frequent flyer number e.g. Asia Miles. I was wondering can you actually transfer points to anyone as they only ask for the number?

Has anyone tried?

I think the amount of information required to make a MR transfer varies my airline; are you sure they ask just for the number? I believe most require a surname at least. There is one MR transfer partner which will accept transfers even if the surnames do not match, but I would not like to say which publicly.

I had difficulties tranferring to Asia Miles as their system had managed to put a space into my name; I had to contact Asia Miles directly to have the name on file changed before the transfer would work. Therefore I doubt you can transfer your MR to any Asia Miles account you wish.

Trial and error if your friend; if a transfer doesn't work it will be rejected and the points will return to your account; you will not lose them.


It depends on the airline. Some do name checks and others do not.

People often like to transfer MR points to SPG points, as SPG allow you to then transfer their points onto a few additional airlines. However, you will experience issues if you attempt to transfer points to an SPG account with a different name to the one on your Amex account.

trial and error best. But I can confirm ANZ rewards don't check. :-)