Can you endlessly churn the Citi Rewards - Velocity card?

Hi brains trust. I’ve had the “Citi Rewards - Velocity” card 4 times now. The points vary from 100,000 Velocity Points, to the present 80,000 Velocity Points on a $5,000 spend. The good thing about it is it has a minimum $2,000 credit so it’s easy to get again and again. While there’s no normal wait time as they normally state in the T&C (eg 12 months), I notice the T&C now read “This offer is not available when closing or transferring from another Citi branded credit card account or in conjunction with any other Citi branded credit card offer.” I’ve got this card right now that I received 70,000 Velocity Points with. If I close this one and immediately re-apply, will I get it?

I suspect the wording “Customers who have previously received or are entitled to receive the 80,000 Velocity Points will not be eligible to receive another 80,000 Velocity Points.” seems to be targeted specifically towards multiple applications within the same promo period.

I must say it’s not the best written T&C. More opportunity for interpretation and also loop holes for abusing / hacking

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