Can you apply only for the Amex Westpac Black card?

Hi guys,

I’m an existing Westpac customer and have the Black Mastercard. I also used to have the Westpac issued Amex until they cancelled it earlier this year. I’m trying to apply for the new Westpac Black AMEX for the 40.000 Qantas points signup bonus. During the application on the Westpac page I don’t seem to be able to just choose the Amex but have to apply for both Mastercard & Amex at the same time. How would I just apply for the Amex given I already have the Mastercard?


I am not even sure if that is possible?\r\nI don’t know the exact answer, but I would suggest ringing Westpac directly and asking them. \r\n\r\nI am pretty sure you can apply for the Westpac Mastercard ‘only’, but I don’t think it is possible to apply for the Amex only - otherwise Amex would just offer it directly to its own customers…

I managed to find a link in Westpac Live that allowed me to apply for the Amex only. Also spoke to Westpac and they told me that they offer this periodically to selected customers so nothing you seem to be able to just apply via the homepage.