Can you add more than 6 flights on the Qantas multi-city tool?

Hi Pointshackers,

Looking to book a Oneworld Classic Reward, but I can’t seem to add more than 6 flights to the Multi City Online Booking Tool… Am I missing something, or do I need to to call to book because the itinerary is >6 flights?


See this recent post and response from Brandon.

Hi Warren. I can’t locate the post from Brandon, could you clarify please as I can’t go beyond six flights either. Thanks, Moorkulla

Sorry. I thought I’ve pasted the url. Here goes a second try.

Thanks Warren. Maybe there is confusion between two options. I was searching using multi site bookings (to do the trip for 318k points plus charges and taxes using Oneworld Alliance group) to avoid the rules and restrictions that apply to the RTW option. Not a simple process!

Brandon’s suggestion was to instead of searching for every single flights. Do this to reduce the amount of flight you search to 6 or less flights.

Instead of say: SYD-DOH, DOH-LHR (on QR), you could just search SYD-LHR; reducing two flights on the multi-city tool to one flight.

Not sure whether that would be useful in your case.

Hi Warren. I’m slowly getting the gist, thanks for your help. I have started using Skyskanner to get a lot more options than the Qantas site (if and when it works). All the best, John