Can I book 8 flights for a oneworld RTW itinerary without incurring the 5000 points penalty?

Hello PointsHack Community,

My partner and I have found 8 flights for our RTW trip. On the Qantas website, we can only only book in 6 flights. Is there a way where we can book in all 8 flights at once so that we can avoid paying the 5000 points penalty? Or do we have to book in the 6 flights online, call up Qantas, add the last 2 flights and pay the 5000points?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Sophie,

If any of your flights are two sectors with a transit under 24 hours, you might be able to get both legs with one flight search. Otherwise, you can call Qantas to book the whole thing without fees, if all the legs are available.

Thanks Brandon!

Hopefully we get an agent who can help us out with that :slight_smile: