Can you access Virgin Australia lounge with supplementary Amex Platinum Charge card?

The Amex Platinum Charge card gives unlimited access to the Virgin domestic lounge (if flying VA) for the primary cardmember + 1 guest. Has anyone had experience with the supplementary cardholder flying solo? Are staff likely to reject entry because the primary cardmember is not also flying? I assume they can tell who is the primary cardmember based on the card number sequence. Would be interested in any first-hand experience. Thanks.

Hi @peterd647

I’m an AmEx Platinum card member and my wife has a supplementary card. When she’s been flying solo she’s been allowed into the Virgin Lounge, no questions asked.

If I were you I’d advise the supp card holder against shouting “I’m a supplementary cardholder!!” from the mountaintops: they should walk in confidently, address the Lounge staff nicely, and act like it’s a formality that they’ll be let in. It should work.

Let us know how you go!


Perfect! Thanks, much appreciated. Will repost in a couple of weeks and let you know how it went.

Has worked for me every time.

In fact, when my wife and 2 kids travelled last time - they would not allow us into the lounge with my card only and they made wifey produce her card so both kids could come in… seemed unnecessary for a 2yo and a 5mth old…

but illustrated the point that every when the primary and supplementary card were produced simultaneously they were fine letting us in

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Yup. Works every time. 100% of the time.

I have a UK Amex Plat Card and have zero issues using this in Oz. I don’t think they even have a database, they just check it matches the name on the ticket and that it’s in date.

Act confident and they won’t blink an eye.


Thanks everyone. Worked a treat. My dad usually flies Qantas and has lifetime Qantas Club membership, but was travelling to Sydney for the day from the Gold Coast and Virgin had better flight times. I’d previously applied for an additional card in his name solely because Amex had a promotion of bonus points simply by adding someone. I used his card number to achieve the minimum spend and hadn’t even given him the card until this issue of lounge access came up. Anyway, he had no problems at the Gold Coast or at Sydney. Said he may even start flying Virgin more as a result. I’m flying Virgin for the first time out of Melbourne in a few weeks so looking forward to trying out their lounge there.