Can we earn points on ATO payments when paying with credit card that doesn't earn points on ATO payment via RewardPay?

Now with the demise of the WBC Altitude Black Amex in points earns paying the ATO, could you legitimately do thru paying the ATO thru Reward Pay.
if a payment shows up on your statement as “Reward Pay” and not the ATO, we could go back to getting 3 X FF per $ again.
What do you think?
i have a PAYG next week to pay so maybe i’ll do a test case



I believe you can, yes. But you know that the westpac black isnt 3 ff points/$ - its 3 altitude points - which is 1.5 ff points. using amex for ATO means you are paying quite a lot for your points, via reward pay even more. Are you sure you are getting good value with that card for ATO spend?

Yes i agree, but it is the card i have in hand. I do have a gold amex as well, so am tossing the figures at the moment