Can/should you use business credit card on personal spend? Can you use points earned from business credit card on personal travel?

I have the Amex Business Explorer card as it lets me accrue points on ATO spend. As a sole trader, do you use your ‘business card’ for personal expense to gain the most points or do you have seperate ones? I spoke to Amex on the phone as they said its fine but luxury spends usually aren’t allowed, so not sure where to draw the line?

Can you use your points on the business credit card to travel for personal use?

Short Answer: Yes (with some exceptions) and yes.

Long answer:
It’s been a while since I had a business AMEX but you can put most expenses on the card IIRC.
Even though it is a business card, there isn’t really anything stopping you from spending it on your own stuff. It might be a bit more difficult come tax time to decipher those statements but in general, I haven’t had any issues in the past.

As for points, you can do with them whatever you like. They don’t have to be used within your business.