Can pay for a supplementary Accor Plus Membership with the complimentary Accor Plus membership from Amex Platinum Charge?

I’m currently thinking of reapplying for the AMEX Platinum Charge Card. As you may know, it comes with a complimentary Accor Plus membership. When purchasing a Accor Plus membership, it is possible to add a supplementary membership for $149. I was hoping someone on this forum would know if it was also possible to add a supplementary membership on the free Accor Plus membership given with the Amex Plat Charge.

I don’t see why not. It should behave just like a purchased Accor Plus membership. Sorry, we didn’t see the point of getting a supp card due to lack of use.

Best to ask Accor Plus if you want to be certain.

I have done it for an annual fee of $95.00. Supplementary member is ineligible for the stay plus benefit though. Application for a supplementary membership needs to be made within a number of weeks of membership renewal though. Worthwhile in Asia where you receive discount on drinks as well as meals.