Can one combine the use of AMEX travel credit and AMEX Reward points in one booking?

Hi all,

Probably a dumb question but I couldn’t find info on this and wanted to be sure.

Can I combined the 100,000 Reward points and the 400$ Travel Credit offered now to book 1 flight in AMEX Travel ? I assume there is no other way to combine them.


I believe you can but I wouldn’t recommend it if you can avoid it.

You can always test this out. Select a flight or booking that is more expensive than your travel credit amount. Then on the payment page, you can select to use your travel credit. Then there should be a ‘lever’ of some sort for you to adjust how much you would like to pay with Amex points. From memory, I think it is about 1 cent per Amex pt on my card. I can get way more than that on premium cabin flights so I usually transfer out to FF programs to redeem flights. But your valuation/circumstances may differ. Or you are happy to make use of your Travel credit and top up a little with points. Or you have a low point balance which is insufficient to do anything more substantial with.


Just realised AMEX website has “Pay for your travel with Membership Rewards® points and/or Travel Credit” on their booking page. Should be alright I then.

You are right, this is my first card and I want to book something by end of year so my point balance is low. Also, for some reason Hanoi is not included in Qantas and AsiaMiles Rewards program when I used Multi-city flight booking. So I kinda have to resort to this.