Can one apply for the Bank of Melbourne Amplify Platinum & St George Amplify Platinum cards at the same time?


I note in the T & C’s that the bonus points are not eligible if you currently have one of either? Do you know what happens if you have neither and then apply for both at the same time??

Are there any other CC restrictions on eligibility for these two. I currently have a Westpac Altitude and a ANZ Black.


Hi, \r\n\r\nI was excited about the Infinite Journeys promotion Singapore Airlines was hosting together with Shangri-La. Being a Jade member with Shangri-La and KrisFlyer Silver member, my partner and I registered last year for the Infinite Journeys promotion by linking our respective accounts. \r\n\r\nAfter taking the requisite three flights to achieve KrisFlyer Gold status well within the four-month period in August 2017, we heard nothing from KrisFlyer. \r\n\r\nAfter some weeks, I rang and was assured that the Gold Status promotion could take a while to process, but that it would come through. However, these assurances were made several months ago and the only thing we heard from KrisFlyer, since then was that our Silver status was renewed. This would have been the case anyway regardless of the Shangri- La join offer considering the mileage we flew.\r\n\r\nHas anyone in the Pointhacks community experienced similar issues obtaining this much promoted Shangri-La and KrisFlyer Gold status?\r\n\r\nThanks for your assistance,\r\nDeo

I applied to both a few months ago. I applied for one after the other and received points for both. They may have tightened the terms since then.

It is also worth going into a branch, if you can, as branch staff are able to waive the annual fee.


I guess you are meeting their requirements as per T & C’s as you don’t currently have either.

Thanks for the advice re going into branch :slight_smile: