Can I use American Airlines AAdvantage miles to book Qantas flights to Hawaii?

Hi, two of us are looking at travel July to Honolulu and return two weeks later.
Qantas have no award flights available.

I am wondering if I was to buy American Airlines AAdvantage miles, do they accept points for flights on the Qantas plane? We are new at this concept… thanks for any advice.



American Airlines (AA) can make redemptions on AA partner airlines and oneworld alliance member airlines.

However, if Qantas does not show availability using QF points to redeem Qantas flights, you ‘usually’ wouldn’t find other partner airlines showing availability for the same Qantas flight.

If Qantas is showing availability and you have AA miles, you can ring up AA and check availability. If they say yes, you can redeem straightaway or put the seats on hold (5 days from memory) and you have the time to buy or transfer points to AA to pay for the redemptions.