Can I transfer Amex points to spouse's Emirates Skywards account?

Does the collective wisdom of this community know if it is possible to transfer American Express Rewards points from my spouses account into my Emirates Skywards account? It may not be able to be transferred directly but if not does anybody know a work-around?

You’ll have to transfer your spouse’s points to your spouse’s Skywards account. Then, you’ll have to set up a My Family account to pool your points together to redeem points for your family members.

And then pool miles from each individual skywards account into the family account?

Thanks for the response

I’ll give it a go

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Do you know if you can pool existing miles into this family account. For example if it already have 50k miles in my individual account and my wife has 50k… then we create a family “pool”. Would it be possible to then transfer to this to utilise the 100k miles?

Here is a direct quote from the Emirates FAQ:

Your current Skywards Miles balance and Tier Miles balance will remain as before. For any future Skywards Miles you earn on Emirates Flights or with our partners, you can choose to contribute some or all of your Skywards Miles to your My Family account. The contribution percentage can be changed at any time.

So I would assume here that previously earned Skyward Miles would not be contributed to your My Family account.

If you do need to pool your points together into one account, you could also transfer points. However, this will incur a cost at USD 15 per 1000 miles transferred.