Can I pay my mortgage with a credit card?

I’m living overseas but pay all my mortgage, gas, electricity, water, internet in Oz.
Is there a way to pay these with a credit card?
Currenlty Energy Australia and all the other things I pay don’t accept credit cards.

I typically point people to this helpful article from mebank which explains why it’s not a good idea to pay certain things with credit cards. There are some websites that allow you to pay rent with credit card for example, but I haven’t heard anyone do it for mortgages.
As the article helpfully explains, paying with a credit card will be treated as a cash advance so that’d be at a much higher interest rate straight up and negates any benefits you’ll get paying with the card.

Thanks very much. This has been my understanding for a long time, but thought things may have changed.
This is the single biggest most recurring expense I have so…
Apart from utilities, phone, water, but many of these don’t seem to like credit card payments either…

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utilities phone and water certainly do accept CC

A mortgage can be paid by using a cc through a payment service such as Fees are relatively low on Mastercard and Visa. This may give you up to the 55 days credit. extension plus one ff/$. Found Amex to be a bit expensive. This is also a good way to pay rates and utilities as some cards give no points for these.