Can I link my new Qantas credit card to my daughter's Qantas frequent flyer account?

I’d like to open one of the Qantas as credit cards, to get points, but I would like to link it to my daughter’s Qantas frequent flyer account, so as when i spend, she gets the points.
Is this possible?

Hi @helmcam

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Which credit card do you want to open and what do the T&Cs of that specific credit card say?

If the T&Cs are silent and/or if they prohibit it, then you might get away with it, but you’re taking a risk that Qantas will work out what you’re doing and void the points.

Are you aware that you could transfer the points manually from your FF account into your daughter’s FF account? Points transferred don’t count towards Points Club qualification, but apart from that there’s no other downside of a family transfer.

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I was hoping I could run my Frequent flyer off my personal credit card and then all household payments made on the ‘family card’ accumulates points for my daughter’s Frequent flyer. The last thing I want to do is something that isn’t right.
So I guess the only way would be to transfer the points.
Thanks for the help