Can I combine Priority Pass perks from two different cards?

I have an AmEx Platinum charge card which comes with free Priority Pass access — but not including airport eateries affiliated with PP. Now I’ve just signed up for a Bank of Melbourne Amplify Signature Visa which comes with two Priority Pass invitations, and my understanding is that these invitations can be used at eateries. So these invitations are of value to me even though I have an Amex Platinum card.

My question is: is it possible to combine these two benefits from two separate cards into the one PP account? If so, how do I do this? Or is it better to have two PP accounts — one via AmEx for the lounges, and one via the BoM Visa for the eateries?

Does anyone have any experience of this?

Hi @sixtyeight,

My vague impression is you would get separate one off use Priority Passes from the Amplify card signups. Bit similar to the Qantas/Velocity lounge passes?

If so, just use that at the eateries and show your black Priority Pass from Plat Charge when accessing lounges.

I could be completely off the mark as I only have the Priority Passess from Plat Charge.

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Hello @w.hiew

I received my Amplify Signature card and you do have to sign up for another, separate, PP account that comes loaded with two lounge entries. There are no printed or digital lounge passes.

The interesting thing is that when I log on to my PP account using my AmEx username and account number, the eateries don’t come up when looking up accessible lounges at airports such as Sydney and Melbourne. But when I log on using my username and number accessed via the Bank of Melbourne, the restaurants do show up in the list of accessible lounges.

But the bottom line – I need two separate accounts and two separate cards. Hopefully I won’t get them mixed up in future!

Hi @sixtyeight. Thank you for the update. That is interesting indeed. I am planning to get a Signature Amplify card in the next few months so that is useful to know.

Yes. Only Amex linked Priority Pass no longer have access to restaurants. PP from other credit cards still allow access to restaurants.

Having two accounts will prove to be annoying when using the app.