Can I combine points from Amex Explorer and Platinum Edge?

Hi All

I am asking a lot of questions but you guys have been helpful so asking more :slight_smile: plus I am a points noob even though I have been collecting points on for a while.

So got myself a AMEX Explorer now but was thinking of getting the Edge as well. Correct me if I am wrong but those two cards collect points on two separate accounts so I can’t combine the points?

If I am correct, do most people have both cards? and collect points based on which one gives them the most for a each payment situation and transfer them to whichever frequent flyer they want to use it?


You can have a read of this Point Hack article if you haven’t already. link

There are options to transfer points between accounts (close to the end of the article). Otherwise, give Amex customer service a call and ask them about your options.

That is correct. You use the card that earns you the most points/benefit for a particular transaction. I have Edge, Explorer and Charge. I use Charge for dining, travel and overseas spend; Edge for supermarket and fuel; Explorer for everything else.