Can I cancel American Express Explorer before the annual fee renews?

Hi all,

Is it possible to apply for the Amex Explorer to gain the 110,000 bonus points and $400 credit, then before it renews I would cancel the card?

Or is there some downside that I am not taking into account.

As after I use up the benefits and cancel the card I would probably move to a Platinum Edge, as I would mostly only really be using it for groceries and petrol.

Thanks to any tips/help you can provide me.

Can anyone advise how to contact Westpac Altitude Black Card online? I found it hard to contact them over the phone (so called priority card service!). Thanks for your advice.

It is quite feasible to cancel any credit card prior to the annual renewal. Bear in mind that you will not be eligible for any sign up bonus points on offer if you owned a card with Amex in the previous 18 months.

Worth also adding that by the time the fee comes around, Amex may be permitting product upgrades/sidegrades from Explorer to other cards like the Edge, which may save you a full application. You wouldn’t get bonus points but it might make your life easier. Right now though I don’t think it is possible to upgrade or side grade to or from Explorer.