Can I book a SPG hotel using my AMEX MR points and still earn Asiana Miles upon check-in?


I was wondering if I can use my AMEX points to book SPG hotel & when I check in, if I can present my Asiana membership card to accumulate miles?

What would be the best way to earn miles with Asiana? Any suggestions?



Note: I don’t speak from personal experience here because I have not tried this before.

If you meant using your Amex points to directly redeem hotel stays via Amex Travel website, I would imagine that you will still earn Asian miles for your SPG stay. From SPG’s point of view I can only imagine that Amex is paying for your stay. It is about 1 Amex point per AU cent from memory.

Have you considered transferring Amex points to SPG and making redemptions directly with SPG (with SPG points)? Depending on the going rate of the hotel you are after, there might be some optimising of point use by going down this avenue. (not sure whether SPG redemptions will earn you SPG points or Asiana points too).

It is slightly complicated because there are 3 parties involved here so I am not 100% sure myself whether I can suggest you find out from Amex, SPG or Asiana.

Hope I have not made it more confusing than before I have responded.