Can I ask for a waived or reduced annual fee for Amex Platinum?

Hi All,

I just recently joined Amex and did not realise their annual fee is charged on the first month.
I’ve had experienced with other credit cards in overseas where annual fee can be waived or negotiated?
Will amex do this?

They have offered retention bonuses for points before in my experience but you should have a valid reason to request any concessions. Not realising that the annual fee is charged (at any point) isn’t really a valid reason.

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One can only try one’s luck and ask nicely.

I’ve never heard of an annual fee waiver for the Amex Platinum card.

If you are considering cancelling the card, retention points may be offered depending on how valuable of a customer you are (internal algorithm). Again there is no sure fire way to know what your outcome will be.

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