Can financial institutions take points back after cancelling cards?

Hi all -

I’ve been churning cards for about 5 years now, never with any issues. I’ve been using a Westpac Earth Black card and recently cancelled it as a requirement for getting a mortgage preapproved.

When I cancelled it, the guy on the other end said I only had 90 days to use my rewards points, after which point they will be taken back (IE, removed from my FF account). I’ve never heard of such a thing and he insisted this was always the way it was. Is there something I am missing? That means they call up Qantas and ask them to take back the points? It doesn’t make sense to me, but he insisted.

Hi cancerchan,

I have never heard of the Earth Black card and have done a quick Google search on it. I see that it is no longer available for new applicants and it earns Qantas points.

If it works the same way as how the current Westpac Qantas Black card works, what you understand is the same as what I understand.

AFAIK, Qantas points are earned and transferred/swept monthly after every statement to the respective Qantas Frequent Flyer account. I have never heard that the bank can extract Qantas points once it is already in the QFF account. I’m not saying they do not have the ability to do this but I don’t see why they would do this unless you did something dodgy or hold the card for too short a time (if there is such a thing). Seeing as the card is no longer available, I gather you would have held this card for quite a while.

I can think of a possibility why the agent said what he/she said. If you were holding a Westpac Altitude Black card instead, you earn Altitude points which are being held in Westpac system and have to be transferred to your desired FF program when cancelling your credit card. Otherwise, the Altitude points would be ‘lost’ if not transferred before the time limit.

Sorry, my mistake. It was an altitude card. But the FF points have already been transferred into my account every month, as per usual. Are there more altitude points that exist elsewhere?

Hi Cancerchan,

I don’t think there are any hidden points anywhere else outside the normal “point balance”