Can anyone suggest a oneworld first class RTW itinerary departing Australia?

Hi Everyone,

I need some help with an itinerary which I am hoping to booking in July 2019, I initially thought I would go business class using points, but once reading all the amazing feedback/posts I thought I would look into first class RTW tickets.

I seem to be having trouble finding the right flight path that would best suit our needs and wants for our trip.

For the business class RTW tickets I had mapped out Perth-Hong Kong-Delhi-Nairobi-Munich-New York-Los Angeles-Lima-Auckland-Perth, which came to 34,965 miles and seems doable as we want to spend 12 months travelling around the world to see as much as we can.

Trying to find a similar pathway for first class seems to be more of a challenge. Would anyone have any tips or guide as to how I can go about looking into further? I am open to travelling anywhere from Australia, I dont mind a domestic, and I am happy for internal flights in all major countries as we would use them as a base to see other countries.

Any help is greatly appreciated!




First Class is getting rarer and rarer as more airline choose to ditch First Class altogether.

The map is: map

The raw data is here:

Cheers Warren, I appreciate your help here. I will take a look into it, it looks like a great resource.