Can anyone recommend a new business credit card for a high monthly spend?

Iv started running a new business an am looking for a new credit card to accumulate points. i already have about 900000 qantas points and am looking to use points for future trips to europe and USA.
is there a recommended business card for amex and visa that would give me best value to accumulate points with. will be spending around $50000/month.


Unfortunately, we are not allowed to recommend credit cards as it is a form of financial advice.
I would suggest having a look at the Master Credit Card Table and look for the highest earn rate for an Amex and non-Amex.
***Unfortunately, the table is in the process of being updated. It used to be sortable - making assessing earn rates much easier.
I did a simple CTRL+F “Business” and found a handful of business cards. I am not super familiar with this but I have heard of friends that uses a personal credit/charge card that has a decent earn rate only for business purposes.
With your high monthly spend, you could potentially forgo any signup bonus and justify any annual fee as you could easily earn ~600k (actual airline points/miles) annually - easily good for 4 one way business class tickets to most places from Australia.