Can anyone clarify a few points about the Amex Qantas Ultimate card?

I’m considering applying for a qantas amex ultimate card and have some questions I’m hoping the brain trust can answer:

  1. The Amex website seems to indicate that it’s possible to pay bills via bpay (What Can I Use My Credit Card For? | American Express AU) but my internet searches seem to indicate that that’s not possible with Amex and a third party business would need to be used (e.g. sniip). The information I’ve found that indicates it’s not possible is from a few years ago, so I wondered if Amex has changed. Could someone confirm this for me one way or another? I know bpay would only be possible if the biller accepts credit cards.

  2. Is the $450 travel credit available as soon as you’re accepted for the card? Or do you need to wait?

  3. If businesses don’t clearly state whether a surcharge applies to Amex, can the price change after you’ve paid? For example, say something cost $100 and that appears on the eftpos machine and you pay with Amex, would the price on the statement be different?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi and welcome,

Here are my answers. Hope they are helpful.

  1. I believe you will still have to use a 3rd party service like Sniip to pay using Amex (with a surcharge). I.e. there is no function within the Amex online services to make BPay payments unlike banks’ internet banking.

  2. I believe you can access travel credits once annual fee is charged, which is not long after card is issued.

  3. Surcharges are applied at the merchants’ end. It should be disclosed by the merchants if they charge a surcharge. Amex would not charge a surcharge retrospectively. Same with Master/Visa.