Can an Amex Platinum Charge supplementary cardholder also bring a free guest with their Priority Pass card?

Hello, I read your fabulous guide and also the American Express terms and conditions, but it is not immediately clear to me if the supplementary card holder is also entitled to a free guest?

Sorry but can you please clarify your question so that we can be of some assistance?

What Amex card are you enquiring about? Platinum Charge?
Priority Pass is not a lounge but allows you access to certain lounges.

Do you mean to ask whether a Priority Pass card holder (from Amex Platinum Charge supplementary cardholder) can guest someone into a Priority Pass accessible lounge?

Yes, sorry I was not specific enough. I did mean the Amex Platinum Charge supplementary cardholder.

I read the PHacks Platinum Charge article. It does seem ambiguous on that point.

As far as I understand, Priority Passes acquired via Platinum Charge will allow one guest for free. I.e. the primary and supplementary cardholder (that is given the Priority Pass membership) will be able to guests 2 person in for free (in total) when presenting their 2 cards upon entry.

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