Can a second person use Priority Passes that comes with Citibank card?

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Have done a search but still not sure. I have the Citibank/Mastercard sponsered Priority Pass (2 visits per year) And it’s not clear to me whether only I can use the pass twice on seperate visits or me and my guest can use both in one visit (both at once) see Priority Pass description below - the second point seems to indicate guests will be charged?. I plan to use it in Sydney next month, can people please advise of their experiences bringing a guest and using both passes please, was this acceptable or were you charged?

Your membership plan includes:

  • 2 inclusive member visits per membership period. Any additional member visits will be charged directly to the payment card associated with your account at a rate of US$32 per visit.
  • All visits for accompanying guests will be charged directly to the payment card associated with your account at a rate of US$32 per person per visit.

Edit: I have read Brendan’s article which states " These credit cards offer two complimentary Priority Pass visits a year . It can be used for lounges or eateries, but bringing a guest will use up one of those passes." However the second point seem to contradict, hence the request for people’s experiences. Thanks again

The way I read the term “guest” under point number 2 is similar to some airline status that allows you to guest someone else into the lounge when you are visiting.

I am assuming that if you show them two passes, entry for two individuals are allowed.

The terms of your Priority Pass plan read clearly to me. You (the member) get two visits per year. Anyone with you (the guest) costs USD32. The lounge might process two seperate visits under your name if you ask, but i wouldn’t count on that. What I would be sure about is if you think you’ll get nearly AUD50 of value from a PP lounge if they charge you - honestly many don’t improve on the airport food court where a couple of champagnes and nibbles may cost less than this anyway.

Thanks Mark. I would agree. Not wanting the lounge for food or beverage, just somewhere ‘comfortable’ to await my flight. May have to contact PP to confirm TBH.
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OK, so here’s the response from Priority Pass

“Thank you for getting in touch with us.
Kindly be advised the two free lounge passes you get are for you alone, they do not apply to your guest, you do get charged for lounge access if you take a guest with you.”

@BrandonLoo , may want to update your article.


Hi, thanks for your comment. The guide was written a while back where it was possible to use two passes in one go. However, the current T&Cs do make it clear that the visits are valid for the card member only, so I’ve updated that reference. Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for passing on the info!