Best way to pay for bought AA miles & relevant CC charges?

Looking to buy some AA miles currently on offer and trying to work out whether i should be paying by AMEX Platinum Edge credit card or some other means. I presume there will be some foreign currency conversion charge (3%?). Will there also be an international transaction charge?

With these surcharges, just wondering whether it’ll be worth the one AMEX Reward point per dollar spent? I presume it’s a single reward point per dollar.


Yep Amex will charge around 3% fx fee… no bonus points from them for that… just 1PPD… so you will be paying around 3cpp, not good value imo…

Citibank Prestige or Signature are good at 5ppd/4ppd for fx transactions.

Otherwise citibank plus for 0% fee (and no points)

You have to pay by credit card (or maybe paypal too). So only if you have a card (as per F’s suggestions) that offers you extra points on overseas spend do you have extra options.

Also to consider - HSBC Platinum Qantas FF card (bonus Qantas points on overseas spend) and Bankwest’s Platinum card (no overseas transaction fees).

Otherwise, the forex fee is just a cost of doing business, unfortunately.

Looks like my AMX card is out. I’ll have a look at the other CC suggestions.

Thanks Keith & F.