Best way to move CBA points over to KrisFlyer for redemption

Hello all, newbie here.

I’ve got a pile of CBA awards points sitting in the bank. My goal is to maximise my KrisFlyer miles amount to fly to Europe from Sydney.

I’m going to switch to AMEX or Citi to get my everyday expenses on the 1:1 Krisflyer miles they do. My question is, for my existing CBA points, what is the best way to get them to KF miles?

Current plan is CBA --> Velocity (2:1) --> Krisflyer (1.35:1)

By the end of it, I will only have 0.37 of my original CBA points… which is a pretty raw deal. Anyone have any better ideas?


  • sporefly

Hey there,

Unfortunately your only option as you’ve figured out is to move over to KF via Velocity from CBA Awards. You will still get OK value out of them - and if you are targeting a redemption on Singapore Airlines, it’s still better value than trying to do this through Velocity points as well.

Hope it pans out!