Best strategy for moving from Qantas Frequent Flyer to other Card/Hotel Points Programs?

After years of accumulating Qf points its time to branch out and accumulate points outside, a sort currency hedge program.
Has anyone developed a strategy and optimal structure of cards and programs? Are there easy ways to swap cards from QF to alternative programs?eg. DJ’s card, Amex cards? Or do I need to reapply for all my cards? Any tips or guides?

optimal structure of cards and programs?
that really depends on the individual. and this site can't provide individual advice on what cards you should get or whether you should reapply for all your cards.

it is not clear what your objectives are (besides everyone’s of points maximisation) do you have a preferred airline alliance? do you like to redeem for hotels?

I am really trying to broaden my airline point redemption options beyond Qf. My preference is for OneWorld carriers like CX and JAL. Also like SQ but usually stay with OW for status/ point maximisation. Not much interested in hotel stays.

We spend nearly everything through cards and accumulate points rapidly. QF taxes have finally driven me over the tipping point.

Any guidance on cards etc would be greatly appreciated.

These are great guides, thanks for the heads up. Very much appreciated. Putting the tools in place to switch strategies.