Best frequent flyer program to transfer Amex Gateway points to for redemption around Americas?

Hi I have an Amex explorer which has membership gateway points and several transferrable airlines.
We will be doing a bit of flying in the USA, Latin America, and Canada and I am wondering which airline partner would be best suited to transfer points to for this region?
Any info appreciated. Thanks!


From what I have heard, Krisflyer is excellent for intra USA and USA-Canada flights. It is one of the few ways to avoid the high tax/surcharge that Krisflyer typically charge (change have recently been announced for Singapore Airlines and Silk Air equipment Krisflyer redemptions).

Star Alliance redemption with Krisflyer remains unchanged in the recent change. Using Krisflyer, you can redeem Star Alliance award seats with United Air, which (like most US based airlines) charges very low tax/surcharge.

Mainland USA-Mainland USA 40k Krisflyer business class return

Mainland USA-Canada 40k Krisflyer business class return

Mainland USA - Hawaii/Central America 60k Krisflyer business class return

Krisflyer Star Alliance award chart