Banks not honouring points/no annual fee deal? Specifically, ANZ

I joined up to the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black deal in June. At the time, the deal was no annual fee in the first year and 75k Qantas points. I just got my first statement, and saw that I had been charged the annual fee, as well as not having been credited with the Qantas points. I just called to enquire and ANZ are refusing to honour the deal, stating that “any offers through third party websites such as Point Hacks cannot be verified.”

I have the original newsletter email stating the basics of the deal (which I was not allowed to email through). I have escalated this issue and am awaiting a return call.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues?

Sorry to hear about this experience with ANZ. No promises I can help, but I will try and raise with them on your behalf. Please shoot an email to with more details (preferably account type you applied for, application date, when you met minimum spend for the offer) and we’ll take it from there.

I received my 75,000 points after the 3rd monthly bill.

You wont see the points until probably your third statement.


No issues for me. I was not charged the annual fee and got the 75 bonus points. But I signed up earlier than you - In Jan 2016 I think. I got the points in March 2016.

Hope it works out for you