Are you still eligible for Citibank signup bonus points if you have a Virgin credit card?

Hi there!

I know Virgin credits cards are actually issued by Citibank so i’m just wondering if I would still be eligible for bonus points on a Citibank branded credit card if i’m already a Virgin customer?



I’m in the same situation as you so I just took the opportunity to have a read of the fine print for 3 of the Citi reward credit cards (feel free to call me a masochist if you like!). In the case of the 3 sets of T&Cs that I read, I can find nothing in there that says that holders of Virgin Money credit cards (or any other Citi credit card for that matter) are ineligible. Of course, you may be applying for a different card with different T&C’s.

To be safe, I’d email an enquiry to Citi and get confirmation of this in writing. That means you can show that reply to them (or, as a last resort, the Ombudsman) if anything goes wrong.

Hope this helps!

Hi There!

Yes I finally got a reply from Citibank - they’ve said that you can only apply for a Citi card after 9 months from the approval of the Virgin Card.

So it looks like I will have to wait a while before I get those bonus points from Citibank.