Are you eligible for Qantas signup bonus if already holding and Velocity earning cards?

Hi Guys

Sorry if it’s been asked already, I currently have around 400k in velocity and I was looking at diversifying and adding QFF to it for more options.

Can you, or are you eligible for the sign up bonuses with qantas if you already hold an Amex Velocity Platinum and ANZ travellers Rewards Credit Card with velocity, for the qantas equivalent?

Any help previous experiences would be much appreciated


In general, it is best to read the T&C of each cards to be sure.

For Amex cards, you are eligible for signup bonus if you have not held an Amex card in the past 18mths. There are some exceptions like the David Jones cards.

ANZ traveller card - you must not have held the card in the past 12 mths to be eligible for signup bonus. As far as I know the ANZ traveller card and ANZ Black or other reward cards are considered separately. I.e. you should be still eligible for the signup bonus of the ANZ Black card if not held the card in the last 12 mths

Hope that helps.