Are there Bassinet seats available on Qantas A380/747 Business or First class?


I saw you’ve flown around the world with your kids quite a bit, wanted to ask if you had been on Qantas in business or first internationally with a lap child - is there a bassinet seat in the a380 or 747? Hard to tell from the seat maps. And how did it go?

Thank for your help and continued tips!

Maybe this question is targeted to Keith or other parents but here is my 2 cents’ worth.

These below show that there are usually bassinets in most classes of the aircraft/airlines you are after.

Someone else or QFF help line can confirm.

Thank you - the only one I can’t see the bassinet symbol for is the a380 business class. I wonder if it is just left off the map by accident.

Yes I have used business class bassinet on A380 they are at the front left and right corners of business class.