Are there any Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards where the transfer is 1:1?

Are there any Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards where the transfer for travel is 1:1?

I was looking at Chase Credit Cards but I think they are only eligible for people living in the US? Is there anything similar here in Australia?

Essentially I want to able to get at least 1 point for every $1 spent and 1 point to transfer to 1 airline point (Specifically Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas)


Hi kavi80,

At the very least, ANZ Qantas Black earns 1 Qantas pt per $.

Have a play with the Point Hacks Master Credit Card Table. You can sort table by earn rate.

Quite rarely do you find a credit card that has the option of earning Qantas or other FF program at the same time. Simple, rough way of explaining is. Qantas demands to be the only one. If you want Qantas, you can’t have others.

I can only think off the top premium Amex charge card which has this flexibility of transferring to Qantas and other FF programs. However, it does come with an eye watering annual fee, which ain’t pallatable for many.

IMO the closest you’ll get is one of the many cards that offer the amplify rewards (BankSA, BoM, stgeorge etc).

0.75/$ + 10% bonus on your b’day month = 0.825/$

Not for those three airlines specifically.

You can earn 1:1 Velocity points using:

  1. the Virgin Money High Flyer Visa (which earns Velocity points directly), or
  2. the Coles Platinum Rewards Mastercard that earns Flybuys - but you must transfer Flybuy points to Velocity during a +15% bonus points period to get the effective 1:1 outcome.
I think you can directly book some international codeshare flights via Virgin Australia (with Etihad and perhaps the occasional Singapore Airlines). I've never tried it myself so I cannot comment on international award availability, or comparative value for points, etc for Velocity.

But you can also transfer Velocity to Krisflyer - albeit with a ~35% devaluation of your Velocity points.