Are there any travel cards that offer travel insurance and waive international fees?

Hey guys,

Im looking for a credit card that offers travel insurance as the Amex Express Platinum Edge does.
It seems like the perfect card though as I will be spending most of my time abroad, I am looking for a card with no overseas transaction fees like the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventurous card.

Any ideas if there is a card that offers travel insurance and no overseas transaction fees?


Not that I’m aware of, but in general you only need to pay for a reasonable chunk of your travel expenses (e.g. buy the flights) with the credit cards to be covered, not the whole trip.  So pay for your flights in AUD with your platinum edge, then use something else without fees (Citibank Plus, 28 Degrees, ANZ Rewards Travel Adventurous) for the rest of your expenses while you’re actually away.

Hi Lewi,

elyobo’s advice is sound.

Check out Master Credit Card Table if you haven’t already. There is a column for overseas transaction fees.

There are 3 cards having 0% fee. ANZ Adventure and 2 Bankwest cards.

Most cards have travel insurance so the 3 should have it. You have to check yourself to confirm.

note that 28 degrees earns no points. citibank plus is a debit card so you need to have cash in your account.


as w-hiew says, bankwest has 2 cards, however the world mastercard is invite only.

In addition to the internation conversion fee, Please do a quick check on the currency conversion on youu card (bank website) because I found the ANZ rewards travel credit card returns 2c less than then Citibank Plus card when I checked AUD v/s USD. Which equates to 2.25% over the citibank Plus.

Awesome thanks everyone!