Are there any methods/cards where using your credit card to pay via BPay will earn points?

I recently acquired a Citibank Signature card with the intention of using it to pay for a significant number of purchases that I make via BPay. I noticed I was not receiving any points from the purchases so called Citibank and they said that you do not earn points by using your card to pay for products via BPay. I did not realise this and as I spend a significant amount on purchases this way, was quite disappointed.

Are there any points earning card programs where you can earn points when you make BPay purchases?

I’m 99% sure that the answer is “no”. I have never heard of a credit card that does this, unfortunately. I presume it has something to do with how/where the bank earns money off merchant fees.

Typically, you also won’t earn points for:

  • Cash advances (i.e. withdrawals from credit card, money transfers)
  • Card fees (i.e. over-limit fees, interest fees, annual fee, supp. card fees)
  • Business expenses
The final point depends on the card, but it only exists so the bank can refuse to award points when you put through ridiculous spend i.e. $100k/month. They would much rather coax you onto a business credit card product instead.

I always earn points through my PayPal account.  I just checked my last NAB statement where I bought an IPhone on eBay via the Qantas online mall and received double points.  I don’t recall a time when I haven’t received points no matter what card I have linked to the account.  I could be wrong but i am always chasing points and I think I would have noticed.  At the moment I have the NAB platinum Qantas card but have had other Amex cards linked and also the velocity visa good luck?

Hi Brett,

I’m little surprised to hear about your issue with Citibank and BPay. My experience is completely the opposite.  I do recall some cards’ T&Cs excluding BPay but I’ve only ever failed to receive points when using for BPay when it was to the ATO with Citi.  I agree with @darrenk comments about card fees, cash advances, etc though I haven’t actually tested those.  What I can confirm is as follows (all QF points -please forgive the prevalence of QF):

Citi Signature Visa (QF): Account opened >10 years ago. Converted to Signature ~ Nov 2011. Last received points for BPay Aug 2015 for school fees & roadside assist.

Citi Signature Visa (QF): Opened Sept 2015. Last points received  Oct 2015 for local council rates, VicRoads rego & Online betting (don’t ask!)

Jetstar Mastercard (QF): Opened June 2015. Last points received Aug 2015 for BPay to ATO.

ANZ Black (QF) : Opened April 2015.  Last points received Aug 2015 school fees

HSBC QF Visa (QF): Opened Oct 2013. Last points received Sept 2015 for BPay to two separate online betting companies.  This card has now been converted to HSBC Rewards so we’ll have to wait and see if it still earns points for BPay.

So, overall I would expect to receive points for all “normal” BPay payments except to the ATO.   Perhaps try a different card?  If you have ATO payments then the current Jetstar offer (or HSBC for flexiblity) otherwise take your pick!

Good luck,

(Name withheld for embarrassing online behaviour including collecting QF and online betting)

Actually it’s more common than you may think. We got for a St George Platinum Visa to cover household purchases, and I got a BankWest Platinum MasterCard for my own expenses (both had generous QF sign-ups) - and both these cards explicitly do not reward BPay purchases. Very frustrating for the uninitiated.

I find PayPal a much better option, and it offers a degree of protection if you need to pay a bill whilst travelling.  Also, many billers will accept American Express payments through PayPal that don’t have that option on their on-line payments web pages (such as AGL, Telstra etc).

Thanks everyone for your feedback. It is a shame BPay doesn’t appear to accrue points on cards. If anyone knows and way around this, I love to hear it. The main business I purchase stock through only accepts BPay, direct debit or cheque.