Are there any credit cards with signup bonuses that you can get more than once a year?

Which banks do you know offer FF credit cards where you can receive intro bonus points more than once a year?
For example, I am aware you can apply for Citibank every 3-4 months (two different Citibank reps have told me this on the phone) and receive the intro bonus e.g. 100,000 Qantas points with no exclusion period.

Are you aware of any banks which run two or more lines of cards so you can earn an intro bonus on one type while waiting for the exclusion period on their other line of cards?

Not sure if this helps but ANZ have a Frequent Flyer card range (e.g black, platinum) as well as an ANZ rewards card range (e.g. Black, platinum).
The Frequent Flyer cards will earn Qantas points, and the Rewards cards will earn Rewards points which can be converted to Velocity points. Having held a Frequent Flyer card in the previous 12 months won’t disqualify you from earning bonus points if you take out a new Rewards card and vice versa. However applying for the same type of card twice in less than 12 months won’t get you a second lot of bonus points.
Otherwise I’m only aware of the Citibank cards you’ve already mentioned.

That’s great - thanks for the info!

You have AmEx cards and AmEx DJ cards. They are 2 different product lines and works the same as the ANZ-FF / ANZ-Rew.