Are there any credit cards that deem property stamp duty as eligible spend for earning points?


We are in the process of purchasing a property which will require us to pay stamp duty in QLD. The payment would be through BPOINT.

Are there any credit cards that have an introductory bonus points offer and will allow the payment of stamp duty as an eligible spend?

I understand this would be a government spend which it seems all the credit cards I have looked at do not class as eligible spend towards receiving points.



Hi Pat.

Given that nobody has responded with a card that allows govt charges as an ‘eligible transaction’ you may need to explore other avenues of reducing the pain :frowning:

If you were to pay the stamp duty to your solicitor or settlement agent using your credit card, it would appear on your statement as a purchase and you may just earn the points. I paid for my last motor vehicle through the dealer using my Amex card. The stamp duty was included and I received full points :slight_smile: