Are there any credit cards (an alternative to Amex Membership Rewards) that accumulate non-Qantas and Velocity points?


With the forthcoming Amex devaluation, everyone’s no doubt wondering what to do with their points and the related question: are there better card options out there for generating miles? Specifically, are there co-branded cards - other then Qantas and Virgin - for people who (like me) would prefer to focus on Asia Miles (or other non-ANZ FF programs)?
Specifically, I was wondering if co-branded Asia Miles credit (or charge) cards are available to ANZ residents. Do you have to be a HK/Singapore resident to obtain such cards? Love to hear people’s experiences and insights.


No better cards,   there is much info on this website to find cards that generate points to Asia Miles, particulary the credit card table.


I thought that might be the case, but thanks for your post all the same.

Although the earn rates are not great, the CBA cards offer much improved transfer options.

Pity they cut their Amex card, like most, as it had a forex charge free offer!