Are there any available Qantas oneworld RTW booking assistance (Qantas or third party) available?

Hello, I am trying to do a complex RTW oneworld booking but keep getting stuck. Tried to call Qantas to assist with the booking and they didnt even know what it was - they were useless. Any recommendations of what department to talk to at Qantas or any travel agents or services that may charge a fee to assist with these types of bookings? thanks

Hi @steve123,

In terms of calling Qantas, sometimes you will unfortunately get an agent who has no clue, and with the wait times now it is increasingly difficult to get an agent that knows what they’re doing regarding Oneworld Classic Rewards. If time is of no concern, then continue to call Qantas till you get an agent that knows what they’re doing. In regards to travel agents/services that book using points, many would ‘advise’ of issues with an itinerary or simply tell you what to book, then send you on your way. Some may book using your points, after you give them access to your account. Its up to you whether you think that is the right call for you. The Australian Frequent Flyer Solutions Award Assist is one service that comes to mind that would be able to help, for a price.
Otherwise, do you know the issue with your itinerary? Or would you mind posting your proposed itinerary so that other people/myself could have a look? Might save you some money, as myself or other people on here could give you the answer, or hopefully atleast point you in the right direction.


Than you for the reply - I really appreciate it. Thats a good point didnt realise I needed to give them access to my points. I only just stumbled on Australia FF solutions award assist…seems like a hefty price tag for a RTW, but if they could get it to work may be worth it.

I have a rough itinerary…maybe this will help.

Originally I was flying from Washington DC (east coast of US) to Europe and spending 3-4 weeks in Europe and visiting 4-5 countries. I went to book just the return trip as 2 legs flying into Madrid and out of Paris. But for 2 people it was costing approx 100k points and $1000 USD. The points is fine but $1000 USD is really high for taxes and fees, if we paid cash only for the flight it might only be $1700-2000 so dont think 100k points is worth spending to save $800-1000.

Then I found the oneworld RTW trip for 132k points and multiple flights so I thought I could book our return to europe and all our internal flights as well. But I kept hitting not available flights/dates blockers using qantas multi city flight tool. But also have a question…with the oneworld RTW trip I wanted to fly from washington DC to europe (all the flights within europe) then fly back to the east coast of US then to california and then to south america. Am I not allowed to fly back through the east coast of the US?

Any recommendations on how best to do this would be greatly appreciated. I am a gold member with qantas and virgin and should have enough points with either to get to europe and back.