Are there any Australian credit cards that are eligible for New Zealand residents?


Which AU financial institutions allow people from NZ to sign up online for points earning cards?

Or, is this more of a long-game, where an immigrant style debit account and card is gained first to build history. A year later upgrade the card, then switch to a points earning bank credit card etc?

It’s just NZ has very little opportunity to earn decent points (AMEX is the only useful currency here. Air NZ $ are not great due to Air NZ using dynamic revenue redemptions).

Hoping to find more fruitful online opportunities in Australia. Bonus if the card can be sent to NZ.


I know that the CBA issued a Visa card to a Kiwi friend of mine (used my address for that).

Note that is you use such a credit card outside Australia, there may be a foreign currency conversion fee of upto 3%, negating the value of the frequent flyer points.