Are there any alternative accounts to Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account?

Does anyone know of another account similar to the Bankwest Qantas Transaction account?

I have been considering placing some savings in this account because with the 12 points per $100 received per month, by my calculations I would effectively be buying points at around 0.01c each in lieu of receiving interest. my problem is I’m not sure if I want an account to be linked wholly to Qantas.

My other cards (AMEX Business Explorer and ANZ Black Rewards) are linked to other airlines but not Qantas - with the exception of my CBA Diamond linked to Qantas or Velocity.

No I don’t know of any other bank accounts that reward for daily account balance. I love these ‘transaction accounts’. My wife and I both have one and I have referred many friends as well. BTW, we avoid the monthly fee (only $6) by scheduling a transfer into the account each month and then transferring it back to the originating account the following day. Both accounts then show the required monthly deposit so win win!

As far as decisions regarding airline loyalty points, that’s your personal call.

BOQ offer a similar account to BW for velocity points, however you need to be working in the healthcare field


It’s quite easy to get 2.7-3% on an at call account.