Are the features and benefits for the Professionals Platinum Charge Card the same as the standard Platinum Charge Card?

Hi all,

I have been considering signing up to the Amex Platinum but then I noticed that through Member Advantage I can sign up to the Professionals Platinum charge card. I’m trying to work out if there are any differences between the two, apart from the annual fee being $1200 instead of $1450. What’s struck me is that I can only see the AFR digital subscription mentioned on the normal version of the card. Is this actually not included in the Professionals version? What else is different? Are both cards eligible for the complimentary platinum reserve card?


Hi Fabs,

My understanding is that it’s exactly the same card – though the best way to find out for certain is to contact AmEx and ask them.

I got my Platinum Edge through Members Advantage and I can confirm that as far as the Platinum Edge goes it’s exactly the same card. The only differences: the annual fee is lower and the sign-up bonus was higher!