Are Pointhacks exclusive credit card offers safe to apply?

These exclusive deals that pointhacks get are tempting but I’m a bit sceptical, why would a credit card provider want people who are going to sign up for the bonus and then bail? It seems like a honeypot scheme to me.

Anyone ever signed up for these and able to share their experience?

You’ve absolutely no reason to be sceptical at all.

Some offers are better than others but they are all legitimate credit card offers which offer bonuses. It’s your decision which you apply for.

As for has anyone signed up for them? Of course we sign up for them. That’s why we re all here.

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Hi hayden192,

I think the too good to be true reason is similar to why credit care point offers occur in the first place (outside of Pointhacks website and directly via banks) -> a portion of customers would not ultimately cancel the card. Even if 25-50% of card applicants don’t cancel, the promo has done its job.

Exclusive offers are most likely a result of collaboration between Pointhacks as the bank to sweeten the deal for Pointhack readers.

Your question is well worth asking as it is fair to be sceptical. All the best.