Are PayPal no longer 'hiding' merchant details?

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I recently paid my Telstra bill using PayPal online (to avoid credit card surcharge), but on my Amex Platinum Edge statement I was only credited points at 0.5 points per dollar.

On live chat with the agent, it appears that Amex can now detect what type of merchant is being paid through PayPal, which seems different to what it has been up until now where you get 1 point per dollar on PayPal regardless of what merchant it was.

Is this a new thing anyone else has experienced only recently? Does this mean even if you can pay council rates etc with PayPal it will no longer count for full points?

Have seen this discussed elsewhere, so yes its been done and you rightfully will expect this for all merchants.



I just checked my Platinum Edge point history and have noticed the same thing siwotravels…

I’ve the exact same thing as you for the last 12 months at least, paid my Telstra phone/internet bill via PayPal. Unfortunately is appears we only receive .5 points per $ now.

On the plus side, I noticed that they are treating Dan Murphy’s as a ‘Supermarket’ now, and credit 3 points per $ spent - which is up from the usual 2 points per $1 spent.