Are gift cards and prepaid credit card purchases considered as cash advance?

I am aware that some credit card companies have considered gift cards/prepaid credit cards as cash advance. But it isnt clear with AMEX.

I cant seem to find anywhere on AMEX terms and conditions that list what they consider as cash advances? The best i could find was this pdf:

Im thinking of geting a one of the “Load&Go” reloadable visa prepaid credit cards from Auspost.

I’ve bought Visa ‘gift cards’ from Coles and Woolies before with my Amex to earn points and they don’t count towards Cash Advances. Treated as grocery store items and earns me 3 points per dollar on the Plat Edge card.

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Great! how about those prepaid credit cards?

Im looking at 28 degrees terms and conditions

cash advance means cash obtained under 2.1(b), and
includes a BPAY payment where the Online Service
Centre terms and conditions state that the transaction is
to be treated as a cash advance and a cash withdrawal
of any amount from any credit balance on the account.

cash equivalent transaction means:
(a) a purchase of traveller’s cheques or money orders;
(b) any transaction in the nature of a wager, gaming,
gambling transaction or game of chance, including a
purchase of gambling chips or tokens or any lottery, raffle
or sweepstake ticket;
© a funds transfer debited to your account (except
balance transfers);
(d) a purchase of, or loading of value on, a pre-paid or
stored-value card or facility; or
(e) a transaction made through bill payment facilities
where the supplier or financial institution does not
accept direct payment by credit card (for example
payment of bills through a third party or over the counter
at a financial institution); or
(f) other transactions (including Cryptocurrency
transactions), that we notify you will be treated as cash
equivalent transactions including where a merchant or
card scheme identifies a transaction as a cash advance.