Are council rates classed as government spend by AMEX?

Hi, I wanted to know if council rates (Mine takes AMEX) is classed as government spend

on the website it says
Post Office
etc are 0.5
what is councils classed under?



Hi Steve,

I can’t tell you for sure - the only way to really know is to give it a try (or get a neighbour to try :P). Technically, as they’re local government, they should only receive 0.5:1, but I know of lots of people who’ve had various random utilities/telcos come through at 1:1.

FWIW, I pay my rates using PayPal via PostBillPay (my council is listed on this site). This makes sure I get the 1:1 (using Edge). The only other option to be 100% sure is to just use a bank black Amex like ANZ/Westpac etc. (if you have one).

Yup did a tester and it was only 0.5. Was trying to get my spend for the explorer card. Should have done paypal. but i thought even if you do that through postbillpay it’s still 0.5.

moral of the story is - use bank issued card.